Why "stannius"?

In part of high school I used the nickname "Stan" for no particular reason. Some of my friends in high school called me that, I suppose because it starts with "St" like Steve but is funnier. I used it extensively for a while because I was young and found using an arbitrary nickname amusing. Once at a job I held for about 9 months, there was someone who was on vacation when I started; she thought my name really was Stan and was confused when every now and then someone would call me "Steve."

Anyways, I extended it to stannius (giving it, I felt, a sort of "Latin" feel) after college because I needed a username and "stannius" was never taken. (Except maybe when I forgot that I had already created an account at a given site.) I created this site to list all those disparate stanniuses together, since they don't show up well in search results.

I only discovered the corpuscules and ligature when trying to do those aforementioned web searches on myself.