Post date: Mar 09, 2012 4:44:57 PM

I am often willing to enter blog giveaways even though I know they're probably not worth the paper they're printed on. *rimshot*

So far I have won a small pile of Amazon gift cards (that's practically cash, since we get our daughter's diapers from Amazon) and a couple of Quicken products which I never used. I won a Roku player once but they never sent it. BUT the partner blog that was the main sponsor of the contest made good on the smaller partner's failure - with another Amazon gift card! I later got a Wii so the "practically cash" was definitely more useful.

I got an honorable mention (and some Amazon gift cards of course) for this story: It would have been really cool to win first prize in that one - a free SqlCruise. I saw the pictures of the cruise and it looked awesome. That said, it was awesome to get an honorable mention. Sadly the forum is long defunct and I didn't keep a copy of my submission.
UPDATE: found my submission in the internet archive, and copied it here:
A Beast Arose From The Night